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5 Halloween Tricks and Treats

With Halloween just around the corner, you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to ensure that your…

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6 Fun and Easy Birthday Party Snack Ideas

Deciding what to make for party snacks for a bunch of hungry kids can be tricky, especially when kids can…

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5 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Kids

It’s fundraising season! Time to raise some funds for your child’s team, troop, classroom, or club, but what if you…

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5 Party Favor Ideas for Your Kid’s Next Birthday Party

Your child’s birthday party deserves some of the coolest party favors out there, right? If you’ve already put time into…

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7 Things You Can Do to Help Your Kid in School

School is back in session and we’ve been watching all of our little monkeys go off to new and exciting…

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5 Ways to Make Homework Fun For Your Kids

Homework doesn’t have to be a drag. Just a few simple things can make homework fun for your kids! Take…

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6 Fun DIY Birthday Cake Ideas

What is everyone’s favorite part of a birthday party? Cake. We’ve compiled a list of 6 fun DIY birthday cake…

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4 Advantages of Having Routines for Kids

Getting back in the swing of things can be a healthy thing for everyone. Routines for kids can be just…

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6 Tips to Reduce Screen Time for Your Kids

With all the latest and greatest in the digital world today, it can be tough to reduce screen time for…

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