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DIY Thanksgiving Gratitude Turkey Craft for Kids

With this gratitude turkey craft, you can get creative with your little ones while sharing what your whole family is…

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5 Simple Snacks for Kids

“Mommy! I am hungry!” These are some of the most common words our Monkey Joe’s parents hear from their kiddos.

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3 Educational and Classic Books Your Kids Will Love

Reading can stimulate your child’s imagination and help their language development. Here are 3 educational classic books that we know…

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Creative DIY Kids Costume Ideas for Halloween

Trick or treat! Are your little ones costume ready for Halloween? If not, don’t fear, we’ve put together a few…

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4 Tips for Social Distancing with Kids

If your kiddos have as much energy at home as they do when they’re jumping around Monkey Joe’s then social…

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7 Water Balloon Games for Kids

Water balloons are a summer staple for Monkey Joe! Try a few of these fun water balloon games for kids.

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How to Create Your Own Backyard Carnival

Everyone loves a good carnival, and with the great weather outside, it’s the perfect time to host your own! Here…

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How To Make Your Own Slip ‘n Slide

Is there anything more fun in the summer than a Slip ‘n Slide in the yard? Here are some tips…

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Giant Outdoor Games for Kids

Summer is coming and we’re all ready to get our kids outside for some playtime fun. What better way than…

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