Make Winter Break HOT with Playdates in the Jungle!

A trip to Monkey Joe’s with friends, relatives, or classmates will make life easier and more fun for everyone this winter break.

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Winter Break is the Best at Monkey Joe’s!

Whether a walk-in playdate with friends or a party planned in advance, Monkey Joe’s is THE place to be when you have time off from school.

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Don’t Go Bananas This Holiday Season - Check out the Monkey Joe’s Gift Guide!

Before you go nuts trying to handle all the gift shopping this holiday season, check out this gift guide from Monkey Joe’s Danvers!

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3 Ways to Keep Your Kids Motivated in School

The holidays are just around the corner, and kids are losing focus. Check out three ways to help them stay motivated without burning out!

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Walk Right In for Fun at Monkey Joe’s Danvers!

Walk right in to Monkey Joe’s Danvers for fun any time! No reservations, appointments, or pre-bookings are required to spend a day in the Jungle.

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Fall is Always Fun at Monkey Joe’s

At Monkey Joe’s we love the Fall. Halloween costumes, trick or treating, candy and so much more make it a great time of year to come party with us!

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Win Big with the Kids at Monkey Joe’s

Bring the team down to Monkey Joe’s in Danvers, MA, for a party and a ton of fun after the big game this season. Book in advance or walk-in after the game!

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Save the date! Monkey Joe’s Birthday Party is on 9/17

Bring your kids to Monkey Joe’s Danvers on 9/17 for a fun-filled day! For only $5 per child, Monkey Joe’s birthday party will be enjoyable and affordable.

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Monkey Joe is Having a Birthday Party and You’re Invited!

Get ready for the best party of the year in Danvers, Mass! In honor of Monkey Joe’s Birthday on September 17th, we’re offering specials all day!

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Bouncing Back to School

Monkey Joe’s Danvers has tips to make the back to school transition easier. Active fun is an important part of learning, so come down to the Jungle today!

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Bring the Grandchildren to Monkey Joe’s!

Monkey Joe’s Danvers, a the perfect place to bring your grandchild for a play date while they’re in town. Come by and enjoy our bounce houses today!

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Beat the Heat with an August Play Date

Plan the perfect play date at Monkey Joe’s in Danvers, where the prices are affordable and the party never stops! We also specialize in private parties so come by today!

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Stop Summer Brain Drain

Monkey Joe’s Danvers suggests activities to prevent Summer Brain Drain and encourage retention of skills and knowledge from school year to school year.

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Summer Birthdays Are Better at Monkey Joe’s

Don't sweat summer birthday parties. Stay cool and stress-free at Monkey Joe's Danvers.

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June Fundraiser for Alex’s Lemonade Stand!

Through the month of June, Monkey Joe’s in Danvers, MA is accepting donations for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting pediatric cancer.

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Beat the Heat with Jungle Fun

Protect your kids from heat exhaustion with active playtime in our air conditioned playground.

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Planning Your Child’s Spring Play Date at Monkey Joe’s Danvers!

Start planning your spring trip to Monkey Joe's Danvers today!

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Summer Group Outings at Monkey Joe’s Danvers

Booking your summer group outing at Monkey Joe's Danvers!

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Reading All Year Long with Monkey Joe’s Danvers!

Discover ways to read all year long with Monkey Joe's Danvers!

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March into spring at Monkey Joe’s Danvers!

Find out why you should bring the kiddos to Monkey Joe's Danvers this spring.

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5 Ways Your Heart Benefits From Exercise At Monkey Joe’s

Are you curious to know just how much exercising helps your heart? Check out these benefits exercising has on your heart.

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Plan Your Next Group Outing or Fundraiser with Monkey Joe’s

Monkey Joe's is your perfect place for fundraisers and special events. Our facility will provide hours of bouncing, sliding, and jumping fun for your organization.

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Winter Playdates Made Great At Monkey Joe’s!

Are your kids going stir crazy? Keep them happy and active this winter with a playdate at Monkey Joe's.

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After-School Development At Monkey Joe’s

Improve your child's overall health at Monkey Joe's! There are behavioral, mental, emotional and physical advantages to after school play. Learn more!

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New Year’s Goals: Fun Fitness for Kids

Are you ready for the 2017? Teach your kids the value of health and personal growth with these fun New Year’s resolutions from Monkey Joe’s Danvers.

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Our Favorite Blogs of 2016

We have had a blast sharing 2016 with you, Danvers. We decided to make a “best of” list for all our favorite blogs in 2016 as we wrap up a great year!

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What Are You Thankful For This Year?

This is the time of year we like to look back and think about all the things we have to be thankful for. You can bet we’re thankful for you, Danvers!

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Why Frequent Jumper Cards are the Best Gift

What’s the best gift to give your child this holiday season? Video games, toys, a car? Monkey Joe’s has the answer, and we’ll even throw in a gift for free!

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Stay Safe with Your Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween is almost here which means it’s time for trick-or-treating! Just like we stress safety at Monkey Joe’s Danvers we came up with a few safety tips for the night!

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It’s Pizza’s Big Month!

National Pizza Month is here, and pizza lovers are excited! Go to the store, call for delivery, grab the pizza cutter, and find out why Monkey Joe’s Danvers loves pizza, too!

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Boy and Girl Scouts + Monkey Joe’s

Our indoor playground offers the ideal place for holding fundraisers or special events for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

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Already planning a school Fundraiser? Have it at Monkey Joe’s!

How can you get this party started but keep planning time to a minimum? You start by looking at Monkey Joe's for your FUNdraising fun!

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Getting Kids Ready to Go Back-to-School

We know going back to school is exciting and fun, but it can also be a bit of a challenge getting kids re-adjusted to the school schedule. Here are a few simple steps to getting your kids ready for going back-to-school.

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Don’t Worry About Forgetting the SPF When You Come to Monkey Joe’s!

Do you know the difference between sunscreen and sun block? Here we tell you the difference and how there's no need to worry about forgetting either when you come to Monkey Joe's!

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Have Your Fundraiser at Monkey Joe’s!

Make the most of your next fundraiser by making it a Monkey Joe's fundraiser! Kid-tested and parent approved, Monkey Joe's is a fun, easy location to fundraise for your next event!

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Polish Their Socializing Skills at Monkey Joe’s!

Teaching your kids proper socializing skills isn't as easy as you think. Exposing them to different types of people at an early age helps them learn how to handle and adapt to various situations. Bring them to Monkey Joe's to meet new friends and polish their socializing skills!

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How to Use Your Frequent Jumper Card

Not sure how to make the most of your Frequent Jumper Card? We've got some ideas for you!

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Tips for How to Raise a Body Positive Family

Raising a body positive family today can be a challenge. Here we give you a few tips on how to help your little ones growing up knowing they are perfect as they are.

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Score The Final Winning Serve With A Team Party At Monkey Joe’s!

Whether it's for a tennis team, soccer team or even a lacrosse team, end of the season parties at Monkey Joe's Danvers is the best!

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Summer Staycations With Monkey Joe’s

Summer breaks are always fun. Consider doing something different with yours this year and having a summer staycation in Danvers with Monkey Joe's!

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Have Your Next School Spirit Day at Monkey Joe’s!

School spirit days are important for increasing school moral and raising much needed fun. Have your next one at a place kids know at love- Monkey Joe's Danvers!

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Stay Active This Summer at Monkey Joe’s in Danvers

In this day and age when tablets and other technology are prevalent, it’s difficult to find time or desire to encourage kids to play more. At Monkey Joe’s in Danvers, your child can get the exercise they need and still have lots of fun!

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Mommy Play Dates to Monkey Joe’s Danvers

Finding the perfect balance between family time and “me” time can be a daunting task for any mom. At Monkey Joe’s in Danvers, we understand the importance of maintaining relationships and are here with a solution to combine the best of both worlds!

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Keep It Simple: Plan Your Next Birthday Party with Monkey Joe

When that special day comes around for our kids, we always try to deliver the best for their birthday festivities. At Monkey Joe’s in Danvers, we believe that hosting a birthday party should be a fun, positive experience, that leaves your family with memories for years to come!

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Plan a Stay-cation this Winter Break at Monkey Joe’s!

If you have children that attend school in Danvers Public Schools or the surrounding school districts, you know that students have a week of “Winter Break” quickly approaching. Finding daily entertainment for your children can be difficult, but have no fear, Monkey Joe’s- Danvers is here to save the day!

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Jump Away Those Winter Blues

Don’t let the chilly weather turn your little ones fall into sloths. Bring them by Monkey Joe’s- Danvers, and let them get their heart rate pumping!

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Don’t Forget: Things to Remember Before Your Next Visit

As the holidays end and the New Year begins, we would like to wish all of our Monkey families a prosperous, healthy, and happy New Year. As the new year begins, we would like to recap some friendly reminders for all of our Monkey Joe's- Danvers visitors.

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