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4 Tips for Social Distancing with Kids

Posted on Oct 05, 2020

Category: For the Parents

We know it’s probably been a long road of social distancing with kids since March. If your kiddos have as much energy at home as they do when they’re jumping around Monkey Joe’s, social distancing has most likely been a challenge for your family. Here are 4 tips on how to best practice social distancing with kids. 


1. Coordinate Social Distanced Playdates or Virtual Hangouts 

Despite all of the new norms of social distancing, your kids need social interaction. Whether it’s coordinating a socially distanced playdate at an outside park or setting up a virtual hangout with their friends, there are lots of creative ways for your kids to continue to interact with other children their age. 


2. Establish Routine in Your Home 

Routine is huge, especially when everything probably feels out of the ordinary for your kids. Establishing a routine in your home will give your kids a sense of safety and normalcy in our ever-changing world. A few practical ways to do this are building in a regular sleep schedule, having an activity for them to do at the same time each day, and being consistent with meal times. 


3. Be Patient with Yourself and Your Kids 

Patience, patience, patience is key during these times of uncertainty. Nobody knows how to do this social distancing thing right, let alone this social distancing thing with kids right, but above all else, stay patient with yourself and your kids. Use positive thinking and be open in communication with your kids - we’re all navigating through these unpredictable times together! 


4. Build-in Time for Physical Activity 

Your kids need to be getting the proper physical activity, so they can release their energy and stay healthy, both mentally and physically. It could look like creating a fun, innovative indoor game, playing football in the yard, or taking a daily walk was a family. 


Another option is always jumping over to local Monkey Joe’s to let your little ones release their energy. Safety and social distancing is our priority! You can read more about our cleanliness measure here and find details about your Monkey Joe’s location here.