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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted in: Education & Activities, For the Parents

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

There are thousands of different toys and games out there on shelves, but we know that every little one is different. We’ve put together a list that works for everyone. Not to mention, you’ll be able to enjoy these presents with them, too! We know how important family time is.

  • Board Games – You can never go wrong with a good board game. We’re not just talking about the classics like Candy Land anymore. Games like ICECOOL, Yeti in my Spaghetti, and Zingo are fun and interactive for the whole family.
  • Art Supplies – If you haven’t had a million craft supplies laying around your house at one point or another, then you aren’t engaging your kid’s creative side enough! Try this new light up tracing pad from Crayola.
  • Cooking Items – Our friends over at Good House Keeping have a new cook book “Kids Cook” over 100 super easy, delicious recipes for those aspiring little chefs. Don’t have an experienced little chef yet? Try this Play food set.
  • Science Kits – Nothing is cooler than getting to do your own science experiment. Plus who doesn’t love an educational gift? Check out some of our favorite science kits. Your kids will be science whizzes in no time!
  • LEGOs – LEGO has been around for almost a century. We’ve all probably built a huge LEGO tower (or stepped on a few) at one point in our lives. You can opt for the classic LEGOs, or choose from one of the hundreds of LEGO themes and categories.
  • Experiences – Getting toys is always nice, especially for the little ones, but sometimes the best gifts of all are experiences! Sure, you get to enjoy the experience as well, but it’s something your little one will always remember. What better experience than a day of bouncing around Monkey Joe’s, sharing laughs, and making memories? We have Frequent Jumper Cards available at each location, reducing the price of admission up to 40%! Get yours today and get a FREE gift! Contact your location to purchase yours. Can’t get to a location? We’ve got you covered with gift cards that can be purchased online, get it here:


The perfect gift for: Great friends, birthdays & parties, or just for fun