Toddlers Play Safe in Our Mini Monkey Zone

Your kids 3 years-old and younger have their own play area, so your whole family can have fun at Monkey Joe’s. Our separate Mini Monkey Zone is perfect for your toddlers who may still be a little unsteady on their feet.

At Monkey Joe’s, safety is our top priority. In order to keep your toddlers safe, we abide by our Safety Access Child Control System (SACCS) by providing:

  • Softer and smaller obstacles to climb on
  • Adult seating so you can supervise your little one’s play
  • Toys and games suitable for kids 3 years-old and younger
  • Clean and well-lit play areas and trained staff on-site to assist children and parents
  • Sanitized inflatable surfaces by Enviro-Master, eliminating up to 99.9 percent of most common germs
  • Certified jumps with safety mats at all jump entrances and exits
  • Video monitoring and identity bracelets that tell us who is in our play centers

Our SACCS Access Child Control Program makes Monkey Joe's the safest kids play facility in the business.

And some friendly reminders...

  • Make sure to bring socks for your kids. We require that socks be worn at all times in the play areas.
  • Pick up a Frequent User Card, reducing the price of regular admission up to 40 percent. This is only available to walk-in customers and does not apply to groups.
  • A destination that also caters to parents, some Monkey Joe's locations may provide a parent lounge with comfortable seating, computer stations and/or flat screens TVs. As an added bonus, the entire facility provides free, high-speed Internet access.   Please keep in mind, though, that while we may provide this adult area, we strongly suggest parents take an active role in supervising their children during play.