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Toddler Playdate Tips

Posted on Mar 31, 2016

Playdates are a great way for kids (and parents) to have fun and socialize, but planning a great playdate for younger kids does require a little more effort than playdates for older kids. If you'd like to invite another parent and child to hang out for a toddler playdate in Winter Park, these tips could come in handy! 

And remember, at Monkey Joe's we have a special Mini Monkey Zone just for toddlers, so your little one and a friend can play safely in a soft and bouncy area that's just their size.

Communicate the details

Don't just assume you and the other parent are on the same page. Be clear about what time you'd like to meet up so that you can both plan naptimes and snacks accordingly. If your child is well-rested and fed, they're likely to have much more fun than if they're tired and hungry. It's also important to find out if siblings are invited, in case you or the other parent need to hire a sitter or make arrangements for a larger group.

Have realistic expectations

With toddlers, they're probably not going to be playing with each other so much as playing near each other--and that's OK! Even if they seem to be mostly ignoring each other, the presence of another child is good for socialization and can provide a learning opportunity for things like sharing. 

Don't stress about the mess

If you host a playdate at home, don't worry too much about cleaning your house up to impress the other parent. The kids are probably going to wreck it anyway! Of course, you can avoid the post-playdate cleanup by coming to Monkey Joe's indoor playground in Winter Park. 

Photo via Pixabay