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Toddler Activities in Winter Park

Posted on Jul 03, 2015

It's so important to keep toddlers active and ensure they are getting enough physical activity every day. But what to do and where to go? The Mini Monkey Zone at Monkey Joe's Winter Park is the perfect indoor playground for your little one.

According to Kids Health, toddlers should get at least an hour and a half of physical activity daily and at least one hour of that should be 'free play.' Your toddler's little body needs to move, run, walk, jump, play, and hop to continue to build motor skills and to encourage a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity. The Mini Monkey Zone is the perfect place for them to enjoy some active, energetic play and burn off all that toddler energy. Kids are healthier, happier, and sleep better when their activity needs are being met. 

We know first and foremost you are concerned about your little one's safety, and it's our first priority as well. That's why we created the Mini Monkey Zone for children three years of age and younger. No big kids to accidently run into them here; it's all about the toddlers. The Mini Monkey Zone has plenty of softer and smaller obstacles and a toddler-friendly inflatable to roam and play on. Plus, our indoor playground is climate controlled: no stifling heat, no sunburn, no hot playground equipment, no rainy afternoons to worry about!  Play and adventure are always available, no matter what the weather.

For good, clean, family fun our indoor playground in Winter Park hits the spot.  

Photo by Greyerbaby via Pixabay