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Tips for Toddler Birthdays

Posted on Jan 22, 2016

toddler birthday partyThe idea of toddler birthday parties might have you envisioning a wrecked house, cake spilled everywhere, and a couple of hours of meltdowns. However it’s easier than you think to throw a successful party for the younger set! The following tips will ensure that your little one and his or her guests have a fantastic time and you retain your sanity!

Time it Right

Parties that are too early or too late are rough on toddlers. Instead, aim for a later morning or early afternoon party that lets the kids enjoy each other's company while they're fresh, and leave plenty of time for a nap after.

Consider a Location Other Than Your Home

Toddler birthday parties held at home can result in issues such as spills and hurt feelings when other children naturally want to play with your child’s toys. And from electronics to collectibles, it’s impossible to put everything away to guard against damage. Instead, have your party at Monkey Joe’s. We have an area designed just for toddlers, our Mini Monkey Zone, and you’ll have the perfect venue to keep kids busy and happy. Besides, Monkey Joe's jungle of fun is way more exciting than your living room or back yard, especially for the 3-and-under crowd!

Give Parents Specifics

When you send invitations, make sure to let parents know when the party will end and the type of food you’re having. Pizza is included in our party packages, and you can bring your own birthday cake too. Let parents know if siblings are included in the invitation or if they'll need to pay for their other kids separately. 

Let Others Help

If other parents volunteer to help keep an eye on the kids or take photos, let them help out. If you have your child’s party at Monkey Joe’s, you’ll also have a party host, and we take care of the set up and clean up.

For the most exciting, easy, and affordable toddler birthday parties in Winter Park, Monkey Joe's indoor playground is the obvious choice! Give us a call for more information about our party packages. 

Photo by Stuart Miles via freedigitalphotos.net