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This Holiday, Give the Gift of Experiences They’ll Remember Forever

Posted on Nov 21, 2017


It’s almost time for the holidays! You may have even started your gift shopping already. But before you venture too deep into the mall, consider this: memorable experiences make people happier than gifts. Think back to the days after Halloween. Were your kids talking about all their candy, or were they going on and on about all the fun they had running around in costume? This holiday season, consider these gift alternatives from Monkey Joe’s Winter Park:

  • Have a Spa Day. Many salons and nail parlors can accommodate children for fancy haircuts, manicures, and more; just call ahead to find out. Dress in your most fancy, fun, or festive attire to make the experience special, and go out for a special meal, or even for tea, afterwards so everyone can see how fancy you look. If cost is an issue, an at-home spa day can be just as fun!
  • Holiday Events in Your Area. Check out some family-friendly holiday parties, like Winter on the Avenue, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. See a live show or a Christmas movie, and start a holiday tradition for your family!
  • Visit Monkey Joe’s! A trip to the Jungle isn’t just fun, it’s also good for kids’ bodies, brains, and moods. Don’t forget about our special promotion on Frequent Jumper Cards going on now through Christmas Eve! An FJC gives kids something to unwrap

No matter how you choose to celebrate, remember that what’s important is that everyone have fun. Put on your Santa hat and get ready to be a little silly! From our family at Monkey Joe’s Winter Park to yours, we hope you’ll have a great holiday season!