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The Cure for Sedentary Kids: Make Exercise Fun!

Posted on Oct 16, 2015

Are you worried that your child sits in front of the TV or computer screen for hours on end? These days, many parents share the same concern because just like adults, kids' lives are much more sedentary now than in previous generations. Fortunately, you can do something about it! It's never too late to get moving and encourage active fun for your kids.

Get active, have fun!

Incorporate family walks or backyard games into your daily routine, and consider healthier alternatives for family fun. If you're looking for a way to make exercise fun for your kids, bring them to Monkey Joe's Winter Park to jump, bounce, climb, and slide on our inflatables. They'll burn calories, get the blood flowing and have a blast. Bring a friend to make it extra fun, or make some new friends while exploring our jungle of fun!

Many families are first exposed to Monkey Joe's through birthday parties and special events, but our inflatable indoor playground is the perfect place for anytime play! Here, your kiddos can run around and have a ball, rain or shine.

The benefits of physical activity

Did you know that consistent exercise can drastically reduce the odds of coronary artery disease? Physical activity also decreases the odds of a stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and many more health issues. Childhood obesity puts kids at higher risk for many of these ailments, as well as joint and bone problems, sleep apnea, and poor self esteem, so helping kids develop active, healthy habits is key.

If you want to make jumping, bouncing fun a regular part of your child's various physical activities, pick up one of our Frequent Jumper Cards and save on walk-in admission! 

Photo by photostock via freedigitalphotos.net