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Tasty and Nutritious Treats

Posted on Mar 08, 2017

Healthy Snacks for Kids

Happy National Nutrition Month! During this month of March, we get to celebrate the importance of healthy eating and keeping a balanced diet. We know that some kids have a hard time seeing the joys of good nutrition, but never fear! Here at Monkey Joe’s, we love seeing kids stay healthy and active, and the best way they can do that is through a balanced diet.

Choose the right recipes to keep children happy AND healthy!

  • Mini Peanut Butter and Apple Sandwiches. This snack is a GREAT source of protein, and the sandwiches are perfectly sized for kids!
  • Ants on a Log. This one is a simple classic that everyone loves. Just grab some celery, some raisins and peanut butter, and you’re ready for snack time.
  • Baked Kale Chips. This one may seem far-fetched, but hear us out. The salty and crunchy texture makes them taste a bit like potato chips with health benefits.
  • Cream Cheese Penguins. This recipe is a bit trickier than the rest, but when you see how cute the finished product is, it will have all been worth it.

Nutrition and Exercise

A balanced diet teaches kids to make healthy choices. In addition to nutritional eating, exercise contributes a lot to your child’s health. That’s why it’s good for kids to get 30 minutes of active playtime a day. And that’s not just something they can do outside! After kids have their healthy snacks, they’ll have more energy to play at Monkey Joe’s Winter Park! Want to learn more about active fun? Check out our Facebook page.