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Spend Your Spring Break With Us!

Posted on Mar 02, 2017

Spring break is right around the corner, and we're excited to have you all in for the week! If you're staying in town for the break, Monkey Joe's Winter Park is your perfect destination for family fun. 

kids spring break activities winter park

Why head into MJ's? 

  • It's active! It's all to easy to put the kids in front of a screen; but we want kids to stay active over spring break! Tucker them out with our jumps, obstacles, slides and more. 
  • It's all day play. Our admission doesn't have a time limit; so spend as much time as you want (until our doors close of course). 
  • We have a parent's lounge! We want the kids to play, but the parents to relax! We have WiFi, coffee and comfortable chairs for our parents. So take a break!
  • Boredom no more! Our facility is built for children ages 3-12 with plenty of arcade games, slides and more. Boredom doesn't exist in our vocabulary!
  • It's affordable! The more you bring in the better! For groups over 10, we'll offer a discounted group rate. Finances aren't an issue here! 

Spring break is March 20-24, and you can stay up to date with the week festivities on our Facebook page! You can also visit our walk-ins page for group pricing and hours. We can't wait to host your spring break play date at Monkey Joe's Winter Park!