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Say Goodbye to the Couch Potato Blues

Posted on May 31, 2016

When kids are out of school for the summer, it’s important to keep them active. Making sure they get regular activity helps them stay healthy and burn off energy. The following exercise tips can help you keep your kids on their feet and off the couch this season.

control kids' screen time

Limit Screen Time

When kids aren’t busy with homework, they can easily spend hours staring at screens if you let them. The longer they do that, the less exercise they’re getting. Place limits on how much time your kids are allowed to watch TV, play video games or use tablets, computers or phones, then enforce those limits all summer long. 

Take Daily Family Walks

Getting the whole family involved in physical activity can make it more fun for kids and serve as bonding time for everyone. Plan on going for walks as a family each day at a time that works best with everyone’s schedule, such as after dinner. Whether you go for a walk around the block or hit the walking trails at a local park, your kids will get plenty of fresh air and exercise. 

Visit Our Indoor Playground

On days that are too hot or rainy for playing outside, bring the kids to Monkey Joe’s in Winter Park. Our indoor playground provides a great place for kids to do a lot of running and jumping. We maintain a clean and safe environment that offers kids up to 12 years old a chance to play on inflatables. Keep in mind that we have a separate area for toddlers, so they can play safely while the older kids climb, slide and jump all over our indoor playground. 

Photo by imagerymajestic via freedigitalphotos.net