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Rainy Day Ideas for Winter Park Fun

Posted on Jan 11, 2017

Rainy day fun at Monkey Joe's!

We may not get snow here in Winter Park, but that doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and palm trees. Dreary, rainy days can put a damper on family fun just as fast as a blizzard does (minus the snow days). Keep the kids (and yourself) from going stir crazy with these rainy day ideas for Winter Park families.

4 Fun Ideas for Rainy Days

  • Treasure hunt. Keep the kids moving (and their minds working) with an indoor treasure hunt. Write clues and hide them around the house, and be sure to add a few wrong turns to keep things interesting! What will they discover at the end of their quest? Maybe a freshly baked cookie, a warm hug, or a Frequent Jumper Card for Monkey Joe’s Winter Park!
  • Go camping in the living room. Are you ready for a wild adventure? The backyard might be swamped, but your living room is toasty and dry. Trek across the hardwood plains, climb over the La-Z-Boy mountain, and build a blanket fort on the rocky terrain of the tile foyer.
  • Read a story (or make one up). Rainy days are a great time to curl up with your kids to read a good book. Are they more doers than thinkers? Dive into your own adventure with round robin style storytelling.
  • Traverse the jungle. Winter Park has indoor adventures for kids that don’t involve parental clean up. Play the rainy day away at Monkey Joe’s! We have wall-to-wall inflatable fun so your kids can bounce off the walls (literally).

Ready to play? Get rid of that rainy day energy with a jungle adventure at Monkey Joe’s Winter Park.