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Put the Brakes on Summer Slide

Posted on Jul 06, 2017

How to Prevent Summer Slide

We may love letting kids sliding around the Jungle all the summer, but we don’t like summer slide! What is summer slide? It’s a catchy way of saying “summer learning loss.” Kids can lose a lot of knowledge during the summer. If parents aren’t careful, they may start their next year of school well behind their classmates, even if they did well the previous year. So how can parents stop summer slide? We have some ideas!

5 Ways to Stop Summer Slide

  1. Go on an adventure. When your child loves reading, you can explore the farthest reaches of the world (and beyond) without ever leaving your living room. Make sure summer books capture your child’s imagination by letting him or her choose books to read. Make time for both solo reading and reading as a family.
  2. Become a mad scientist. As kids grow older, they often lose interest in STEM education. Engage their minds in science and engineering with fun summer projects that allow them to get messy, problem-solve, and learn how the world works.
  3. Explore. Are your kids interested in nature? Encourage them to learn more about the ecosystem they live in by learning about the plants and animals they find in the backyard.
  4. Take field trips. Learning can be fun! Take the kids to the zoo, art museum, history museum, and botanical gardens so they can learn about a variety of topics over summer break.
  5. Make time for playtime. Did you know that regular exercise helps kids’ mental development? Visit Monkey Joe’s Winter Park for a daily dose of fitness and fun.