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Keeping Your Kids Active All Summer

Posted on Jul 08, 2016

Keeping your kids active all summer long may seem daunting, but it's possible! Drag them off the couch, unplug the TV and tablets, and head outdoors or to indoor playgrounds. Here are six activities that require minimal planning (and cost) so you can keep your children active.

unplugging your kids

  • Sign your children up for a sports camp. Choose from basketball, football, soccer, or more general camps that offer a wide variety of recreational activities.
  • Participate in local day camps. (You can also 'camp' in your backyard. Set up games and play on the swing-set or trampoline. Create an indoor playground with pillows and blanket forts.)
  • Get in shape and spend quality time with your child by doing a workout together each day. Zumba and yoga are beneficial, or you can go for a long walk/jog in a park.
  • Visit federal recreational areas and national parks. Many include hiking, playgrounds, and opportunities to observe wildlife. Buy a pass to save on annual admission, or visit on special reduced admission days. 
  • Visit area museums. Whether they're science, art, history, or children's museums, many offer opportunities for free or reduced admission. 
  • When your kids need the opportunity to climb, bounce, and run out of the sweltering heat, let them have a play date at Monkey Joe's in Winter Park. Our indoor playground is chock-full of inflatables and will keep kids ages 12 and under active for hours. We also offer concessions and arcade games for when they need a break from jumping. 
  • Whether you need activities to last for a few hours or all day long, your kids can benefit from Winter Park's endless opportunities for fun in and out of the sun!

Photo by paulinapratko via Pixabay