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Healthy Holiday Tips for Your Kids

Posted on Nov 20, 2015

Cookies, and candy, and junk food- oh my! The holidays are here and that means sweets and treats abound, from classroom celebrations, to church events, to family gatherings, to neighborhood holiday parties. It's easy to fall into unhealthy habits, but with these tips, you and your kids can have a healthier holiday season!

  • First up, make sure you're all getting plenty of physical activity! With school breaks and changes in routine, it's likely that kids are missing out on at least some of the playground time, P.E. classes, and sports that keep them moving during the normal course of things. Kids need to jump, climb, and play, so bring them to Monkey Joe's Winter Park where they can burn off some energy in our bouncy indoor playground. 


  • Be the change you want to see! If you're able to help plan holiday events for your child's class, team, or play group, suggest something active instead of a party focused around eating or sedentary activities. Our party packages make it easy to host an event for up to 24 kids, but if you need to host a larger group, just give us a call to learn about our private event options. The same goes for snacks- try to bring healthy, nutritious options to potlucks or treat swaps. 


  • Before attending an event with a lot of junkfood, make sure everyone has had a nutritious light meal or heavy snack. You'll all be less likely to binge on cookies, candy, chips, and soda if you don't arrive hungry. You can still enjoy the seasonal treats, just remember that moderation is key!


  • Instead of candy or video games, give gifts that encourage kids to get moving. Monkey Joe's gift cards are a great option that will make kids and parents happy and encourage active play!


Photo by radnatt via freedigitalphotos.net