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Fun DIY Costume Ideas From Monkey Joe’s Winter Park

Posted on Oct 13, 2017


Halloween is coming up quickly, but don’t worry if you haven’t nailed down your kid’s costume just yet. DIY Halloween costumes for your kids can be a great way for you to engage in a creative activity together, and your options for costumes are really only limited by your imagination. Here at Monkey Joe’s Winter Park, we love to see all the great costumes our little monkeys show up in during the Halloween season. Some of our favorites are listed below!

  • Snail – This costume is fun and easy to pull off. All you need is some packing paper to roll up into a shell and a headband so you can attach pipe cleaners for antennae.
  • Wind-Up Toy – This is a fun and easy-to-make costume that works great for boys and girls. Dress your kiddo up in a little sailor outfit or a princess dress then fashion a wind-up key out of cardboard and an empty paper towel roll.
  • Cat – Everyone loves cats! And making your little one into a furry feline for Halloween is fun and simple. You can get cat-ear headbands at any pop-up Halloween store. Then get a sweat suit to match the headband colors. From there you can get as creative as you want to make your little cat as fancy as you want.

The bottom line is there’s no wrong costume. It’s all about having fun and making it an activity that you can share with your little one. Once you have the costume picked out and created, come down and party with us at Monkey Joe’s! Walk-ins are always welcome here or you can plan your own Halloween party with our group packages!