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Fun and Fit in the New Year at Monkey Joe’s

Posted on Dec 14, 2016

Bounce and play!

Has your family made a New Year's Resolution to get fit in 2017? That's great. Increasing your fitness level will improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Best of all, getting the entire family involved in your 2017 fitness plan is the perfect way to create a bond and make lasting memories. Below is a look at the top three ways your family can get fit in 2017.

1. Make Exercise Fun

Kids are more likely to stick to a fitness plan if it's fun. The good news is that there are lots of fun activities to do in the Winter Park area that are fun for the entire family. Try taking a walk or bike ride in the park. Consider trying something new like kayaking or rock climbing. Enjoy a day of fun at a Winter Park indoor playground like Monkey Joe's, where your kid can spend hours jumping, bouncing and just have fun.

2. Discover Your Kids' Favorite Activities

Everyone is different and enjoy different types of activities. The trick as a parent is to help your kids explore lots of different sports and activities, such as soccer, baseball, karate, or gymnastics. Search all the available activities in your local area and help your kids explore these options to determine which activities they like best.

3. Use a Fitness App

Nearly everyone has a smartphone these days. You can put your smartphone to good use, by downloading one of the many available fitness apps. These apps make fitness fun and track your progress.
Get your family fit this year with a trip to Monkey Joe's in Winter Park. You'll find wall-to-wall inflatables, dozens of arcade game and a well-stocked concession stand at this exciting Winter Park indoor playground.