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End of the School Year Traditions for Kids

Posted on May 09, 2016

It's hard to believe another school year has already come and (almost) gone! Orange County Schools and other local schools are wrapping up for the year soon, and while it's exciting for kids, it can be a little bittersweet, too. Fortunately it's also the perfect opportunity to create some new family traditions! Read on for some ideas to make the last day of school extra fun for your kids. 

last day of school in Winter Park FL

Start with a smile

Send your kids off to their last day of school with a good, healthy breakfast. This meal is extra important since they'll probably be eating junk food at the class party! To make breakfast a little more fun, dress it up. For instance, you could make a smiley face out of fruit on their plate, or create one of these cute fruit animals

Summer kickoff playdate

This idea could take place on the last day of school or shortly thereafter. Invite your child's whole class to meet up somewhere for a play date. Monkey Joe's is a great choice because we have plenty of room for the kids to run wild, and you can rest assured that they're playing safely in our indoor playground. You could even make it a regular play date if other parents are interested, with a set day of the week that people can show up to as they're able. 

Neighborhood icebreaker

Another twist on the play date idea is to invite all the kids in your neighborhood to enjoy an activity together in Winter Park. If your child misses not seeing their school friends every day, they can get to know the kids in the neighborhood and make some new buddies for summer fun. 

Family fun night

Encourage your kids to pay attention and stay focused during the last days of the school year by providing an incentive. If they work hard, the whole family can go to Monkey Joe's on the last day of school for an evening of jumping fun, arcade games, and of course pizza for dinner. 


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