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Create Resolutions with Your Little Ones at Monkey Joe’s

Posted on Dec 23, 2016

Visit Monkey Joe's for winter playtime in the new year!

This year, make some New Year’s resolutions for the entire family! Consider resolving to spend more quality time together as a family or get in shape together. Get together and come up with some things you’d all like to accomplish.

Spend More Time Together

In today’s world, we’re all busy. Your kids have playdates, club meetings, games…and you have work and meetings of your own. Resolving to spend more time together means you’ll carve time out of your busy schedules to come together as a family. Whether it’s for family dinners, family game nights, or outings, you’ll have more fun as a family. One great way to find time for fun is to come to Monkey Joe's Winter Park for a regular family fun night! Do it once a week or once a month. You’ll find these are the memories that stick with your kids for life.

Make Time for Fitness

Many kids aren't getting enough physical activity, so if you resolve to incorporate more physical activity into your family's routine you’ll accomplish two goals. You’ll spend time together and you can help keep your kids active. Instead of going to a movie, where you’ll be sitting for two hours, bring the kids to Monkey Joe’s where they can jump until their hearts' content!

Write it Down

Everyone can benefit from setting goals and putting them down on paper. When you write them down, you’ll feel more accountable. Sit down with your family and see what everyone hopes to accomplish this year and make it happen!
Find family activities in Winter Park and bring the family together in the new year!