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Bye-Bye, Blurry Pics

Posted on May 15, 2017

How to Get a Great Picture of Your Kid

Are you tired of posting blurry pics to Facebook? Smartphones have come a long way, but it takes practice to get a great action shot. Luckily we have some tried and true tricks for taking smartphone pics of your kids.

How to Take a Great Smartphone Action Photo

  1. Play with your phone. There are tons of built-in features that can help you take a great picture of your kids. The burst feature lets you take a series of photos in rapid succession, increasing your likelihood of capturing a great shot while your kids bounce around. The grid feature divides up your screen, so you can make sure your child is centered in the frame. 
  2. Step up. The zoom feature may seem like a great way to score that epic Facebook pic from the comfort of your massage chair, but it will only give you a grainy snapshot. Move a little closer or wait for your child to bounce your way.
  3. Go natural. Filters are fun when you’re playing around with your kids, but when it comes to capturing memories, it’s better to go natural and filter-free. If you decide to go black and white or extra colorful on Instagram, make sure you save the original photo, too.
  4. Be ready for anything. Your kids aren’t thinking about next year’s holiday card; they’re just having fun! Keep your camera app open so you can capture the moment while they focus on making memories.

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