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Bounce around Monkey Joe’s to Boost Kids Brains!

Posted on Apr 12, 2017

Active Kids Do Better in School

Are your kids struggling to focus in school? With summer vacation just around the corner, it’s easy for minds to wander. A day of play at Monkey Joe’s is just what the teacher ordered!

7 Ways Active Play Helps Kids Learn

You know that bouncing around Monkey Joe’s is great for kids’ bodies. Regular exercise helps kids stay fit and healthy. But did you know that active playtime is great for kids’ brains? Here are a few facts about how exercise helps mental development.

  1. Did you know that stress damages kids’ brains? Regular physical activity reduces stress, balancing negative hormones with positive ones. And lower stress means happier—and more focused—kids.
  2. Bouncing around Monkey Joe’s helps kids mental development in a very specific way: activities involving jumping and balance help kids develop spatial awareness, which is a building block for a lifetime of learning.
  3. Active playtime increases blood flow to the brain, which makes kids more alert and more focused during school.
  4. Harvard Medical School discovered that exercise promotes the growth of new cells in the memory regions of the brain. This improves memory, reaction time, and creativity in kids.
  5. Getting the heart rate up enhances cognitive flexibility, helping kids think and learn more creatively.
  6. Kids who exercise regularly actually learn new material faster than kids who don’t.
  7. Active playtime helps kids develop independence and control over their thinking patterns, which makes them able to think critically and solve problems.

Is today’s homework hard? Take a break at Monkey Joe’s Winter Park! It could be just what the kids need to refocus.