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Birthday Party Tips: Invitations

Posted on Feb 26, 2016

At Monkey Joe's, we're your local professionals when it comes to birthday parties in Winter Park. Our indoor playground and party center contains wall-to-wall inflatable bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses, giving kids the ultimate exciting birthday activity to share with their friends. With private party rooms, pizza included, and Monkey Joe himself, it's easy to see why kids love to celebrate with us. 

Of course, while kids are expecting a day of fun, parents have other expectations when it comes to party planning. If you've ever hosted an at-home party before, you may be expecting stress, cleaning up messes, and working hard to keep the whole thing moving along smoothly. Fortunately, you'd be wrong! We make parties super easy for parents, with setup and cleanup included, a party host to take care of your group, and even complimentary invitationsfree birthday invitations

One of those birthday party stresses that many parents share is invitations. Do they need to be mailed or emailed? Should I shell out for custom or fancy invitations? And just how many people should we invite, anyway? Don't worry, because we have the answers right here. 

  • First, let's acknowledge that it is 2016. Most people are perfectly fine with e-vites (email invitations), and you can always send out a group text or Facebook message to the parents a week or two before just to remind them about the event. You'll save the cost of postage, it's more eco-friendly, and let's be honest, couldn't we all use a little less mail cluttering up the place?
  • If you're planning a wedding, sure, go all out on the invites. But when you're planning a party for kids, no one really cares! You can email your guests our customizable invitation or print them off to mail/hand out to parents, but fancy invitations will probably be lost on your child, their friends, and even their friends' parents.
  • Last, but not least, you may be wondering who to invite. The easiest approach, and one that is becoming more and more common, is to simply invite your child's entire class. This avoids issues of kids feeling left out, and you can be sure your child will have some friends to party with. On the other hand, if your child is very young or introverted, a smaller party with several good friends might be a better fit. Just make sure your child knows to be discreet around kids who are not invited to avoid hurting anyone's feelings.