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Birthday Party Do’s and Don’ts for Parents

Posted on Jul 15, 2016

When it's time to throw your child a birthday party, head on over to Monkey Joe's. As a parent, you know that throwing a birthday bash can be overwhelming, but luckily Monkey Joe's is here to help! Our Winter Park party center and indoor playground makes birthdays a breeze with a whole area full of indoor inflatables and obstacle courses so your child and their friends can go wild! Here's some Monkey Joe's Winter Park birthday party do's and don'ts to help you throw your child the coolest party ever.

kids birthday party candle

  • Invite, Invite, Invite! Inviting lots of kids may seem daunting, but there's a good chance some kids won't show. Parents and kids are plain busy these days. It's better to invite a few more kids just so your birthday boy or girl isn't disappointed that enough kids didn't show. (And, another benefit of larger groups: We offer private parties for groups of 24 kids and over.)
  • Don't Stress! Monkey Joe's offers a variety of party packages that will fit your unique needs. We can even assist with supervision and clean-up! Make your child's special day easy-peasy! (You should get to have some fun, too!)
  • Be Wise! Planning a party for preschoolers around noon may not be the wisest decision. Yes, think about things like nap-times. Is a birthday party that goes on for five hours appropriate for a gaggle of five-year-olds? No, too much is too much.

You don't need to go overboard, but invite plenty of your child's friends -- just in case. Let Monkey Joe's Winter Park take the party prep reigns so your stress level remains low. Employ some common sense to make sure guests will be arriving, eating, and leaving at appropriate times, and don't forget to consider common nap times. Then, let your child and their friends go bananas!

Photo by blickpixel via Pixabay