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5 Tricks for Limiting Screen Time

Posted on May 10, 2017

Fewer Screens, More Fun!

Do you have a breakfast babysitter? Many parents do. Whether it goes by the name of Tablet or Smartphone, it’s easy to rely on technology to keep kids happy while you cook breakfast, lay out your kids’ clothes, and gather everything you’ll need for work. But no matter what you want, screens don’t power down when you step out the door. The average kid aged 5 and up spends 6 hours a day watching TV, playing video games, or using a smartphone or tablet computer. How can you minimize screen time (without causing a meltdown)? Monkey Joe’s is on the job!

Tricks for Limiting Screen Time

  1. Have a conversation. Before you restrict screen time, tell your kids why it’s important to unplug. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of technology, and talk about fun family activities you’d like to do instead.
  2. Follow your own rules. It’s hard to get away from technology, especially in the working world. But when parents limit screen time at home, it sets a good example for the kids to follow.
  3. Differentiate between active and passive screen time. What are your kids doing on that iPad? There’s a big difference between playing educational games and watching Netflix. Plenty of digital activities help them learn and connect. Encourage them to get creative and engage their brains instead of passively consuming media.
  4. Make “screen-free zones.” Tech-free meals let families reconnect. If it’s too hard to go screens-free at every meal, start with a “no technology at the dinner table” rule.
  5. Get moving. When you give kids other ways to play, they’re less likely to become dependant on screens for entertainment. Bring your kids to Monkey Joe’s Winter Park for hours of bouncing, sliding fun. Want to make screens social? When kids play in the arcade, they can interact with other kids.

What tricks do you use to limit screen time at home? Stop by the Monkey Joe’s Facebook page to let us know!