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5 Playground Safety Tips for National Safety Month

Posted on Jun 21, 2017

Safe Fun for Everyone

It’s National Safety Month, and we want to make sure every child plays safe and has fun at Monkey Joe’s. To ensure the kids’ safety, we take precautionary measures like video surveillance, wristband identification, and extra training for the Monkey Joe’s Winter Park team. It’s all part of our Safety Access Child Control System (SACCS). But we need your help to make sure every child plays safely. Check out our top playground safety tips for parents.

5 Playground Safety Tips

  1. Supervise. The Monkey Joe’s team will be around to help you out, but it’s up to you to watch your kids. Relax in our parent waiting area (complete with massage chairs and free wifi) while you watch your kids play.
  2. Choose the right playground. Did you know that we have a Mini Monkey Zone just for toddlers? This lets both big and little kids play freely without parents worrying that someone will get hurt. Plus our toddler playground is scaled down so it’s just their size!
  3. Communicate with the staff. Is there a child who is roughhousing, a broken piece of equipment, or another safety issue? Notify the staff so that we can take care of the problem.
  4. Teach your kids to play together. Pushing, crowding, and roughhousing ruins the fun for everyone. Help keep our bounce house safe by teaching your children to play well with others.
  5. Stay safe, indoors and out. Not every playground is equipped with walls, a roof, and A/C to keep out the hot summer sun. Whenever your family plays outside, make sure you practice good heat safety.