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3 Birthday Traditions for an Extra-Special Day

Posted on Aug 14, 2015

At Monkey Joe's Winter Park, we love being a part of so many happy memories! From toddlers to big kids, our birthday parties make for an exciting day your child and their friends won't soon forget. In addition to the bouncy fun of our indoor inflatable playground, we also offer arcade games, a private party room, and tasty treats at concessions! Besides the kid-friendly fun, parents love the dedicated party host, included tableware, drinks, and invitations, and the fact that we do the setup and cleanup. 

Our bouncy birthday parties are part of many local families' birthday traditions, but if you want to make your child's day extra special, you might like to try some of these kids birthday traditions too!

  • Write all the ways your child is special on balloons and fill the hallway outside of their bedroom during the night. When they wake up on their birthday morning, they'll open the door to a bounty of balloons and can read all of the nice things the family has to say about them!
  • Let your child pick a special theme and either decorate a cake in the style or have a professional baker do so. Make sure to take a photo of the birthday boy or girl with their cake each year, and add them to a scrapbook for a fun way to see their growth through the years.
  • Create a treasure hunt of clues leading your child to his or her birthday gift. Just make sure the clues are age-appropriate, so you don't stump your kid on their special day!

Photo by PublicDomainPictures