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You Can Trust The Monkey!

Posted on Feb 26, 2016

When you are deciding where to take your children to play, or where to have your child’s next birthday party, you have a lot to consider. Not only do your kids have to like it, but it has to pass the “cool test” in their eyes, on top of your requirements. We know your kids will enjoy our Monkey Joe’s Westheimer location, and with the coolest monkey around, we are the coolest place in town, but we would like to speak to your concerns.


We know you are looking for the best value for your money, and we understand how important of a factor that can be. At Monkey Joe’s Westheimer, we are proud to say that all adults are free, and that the pricing for children is very reasonable.


We are conveniently located on the west side of Houston, Texas and have convenient hours. We hope you will come by and see for yourself all of the great things Monkey Joe’s Westheimer has to offer!


We are proud to provide a clean and healthy environment by using Swisher’s SWAT germicidal shock treatment. By partnering with Swisher Hygiene Inc., we are able to keep our facility clean and sanitary.


Safety is probably your number one concern, and that is one we share. We have developed our Safety Access Child Control System to keep all of our visitors safe. SACCS is comprised of our trained staff, ID bracelets for every child, video monitoring of our facility, and safety mats at entry and exit points.

With all of these things in mind, it should be a no-brainer when looking for a place for you child to spend an afternoon, or where to have their next birthday party! Contact Us for more information.