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We’re Thankful For Many Things This Year

Posted on Nov 29, 2016

Thanksgiving was last week, and we can tell because of all the delicious leftovers in our fridge. Isn’t that one of the best parts of Thanksgiving? Anyway, this time of year always goes by quickly, so sitting down to think about what we are thankful for had to be planned out so we wouldn’t forget. We couldn’t fit our whole list in the blog, but we decided to give you our top three!

What We're Thankful For

Family and Friends

We have said this for our entire life, and we’ll continue to say it for the rest of our lives. Friends and family are something we’ll hold onto because of how much we owe to them. We also have to thank FaceTime and Skype for letting us keep in touch with those that have moved away. It may not be the same as in person, but it is a start!

Great Food

Yes, we know we talk about this a lot, but November and December have to be some of the best months for cooking in America. We have started diving into the leftovers from our annual Thanksgiving meal to make turkey sandwiches, and we’ll be disappointed when the last piece of pie is gone. We also know we can take food for granted, and we’re thankful that we’re able to put food on the table for our family every night.

Our Community

This is a simple one. We would not be where we are today without this Tucker Community. Your word of mouth about our birthday parties, reviews and smiles when you come by to visit always make our day. We plan on being part and contributing to Westheimer for a long time!