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Top 8 Tips For Planning A Kid’s Party!

Posted on Jan 12, 2016

Here at Monkey Joe’s Westheimer in Houston, Texas, we are honored to host several birthday parties for children under twelve years old. Many times, when watching the parents of the youngsters, we notice that they seem unnecessarily stressed, and we think this is due to the party planning part of the process. Because we do not like to see anyone unnecessarily anxious, we thought we would share our top eight list of birthday party planning tips!

1. Budget- First and foremost, you should decide how much you would like to spend on your child’s party. If you choose to have your party at Monkey Joe’s Westheimer, we have some great prices, so this is not an issue!

2. Pick a date- You will want to pick a date that your special guests, such as grandparents, can attend.

3. Schedule- Book your venue, plan when you will decorate, and ensure any of the details will be taken care of for your special day.

4. Pick a theme- With us, picking a theme is easy! Check it out here!

5. Choose how many people you will invite- We suggest your child’s age, plus one. This, of course, is not counting the child’s plus one (parent)

6. Plan what kind of food will be served- Ask about our catering options when you call to book!

7. Plan out invitations, and decide how they will be delivered- We offer several styles! Click here to start planning your invitations!

8. Invite however many children you can handle- Seeing that they will be in an enclosed space with adult supervision, we can help you watch them!

We hope you have a fantastic, and stress-free time at your child's party!