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Indoor Playtime at Monkey Joe’s Westheimer

Posted on Jan 09, 2017

Winter playtime at Monkey Joe's!

Monkey Joe's Westheimer is an inflatable kid-friendly playground that provides active playtime for kids 12 and younger. Families are welcome to walk in during opening hours, plan a bouncy birthday party, or book a winter playdate for kids groups for all sizes.

What makes a good winter playdate?

There are many things to consider when planning a time for your little ones to socialize with their peers. How many friends should you invite? Should the other parents tag along? Should you watch your kids closely or let them roam freely around? Here's some advice on planning a playdate by an award-winning author Jennifer Bingham Hull.

Develop creativity

Young guests are encouraged to develop creativity by roaming our inflatable jungle or inventing their own games, which become more exciting as the bouncy surface can accelerate the pace of play.

Active play is a lesser form of physical training

Jumping, sliding, bouncing, and simply having fun on Monkey Joe's giant inflatables provides great aerobic and cardio exercises for the kids. This is an awesome form of exercise because it combines fun and positive emotion with physical activity. Have your children make a fitness-related New Year's resolution, which can be fulfilled at Monkey Joe's with their friends.

Safe environment

Our staff members, who have all been through training in center's own Safety Acess Child Control System (SACCS), supervise the kids while they play. We also ask that parents keep an eye on their kids. Our playground is disinfected regularly using special procedures, including germicidal shock treatment developed by Swisher Hygiene.

Frequent jumper cards available

Regular visitors can get discounts on walk-in admission by buying a frequent jumper card. Save on 10 admissions at our inflatables playground.

Visit Monkey Joe's Westheimer with your children for fun, joy, exercise, excitement and socializing anytime, 7 days a week.