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Pizza Has a National Money, And It’s October!

Posted on Oct 27, 2016

It’s finally here! Less than a week away from trick-or-treating, and we hope you've found the perfect costume for Halloween. There are so many good ideas this year and we can’t wait to see when our community comes up with. That being said, we had to do our part and make sure our fans know what else has been going on in October. Did you know October is National Pizza Month? A month dedicated to the delicious meal we all love!

National Pizza Month

What’s celebrating National Pizza Month without learning a little history first; the first pizzeria to ever open in America is called Lombardi’s Pizza. It was opened in 1905 in Little Italy in Manhattan and is still open today! It’s on our bucket list to get up there and try a piece. But we also wanted to learn more about the origins of National Pizza Month.

It turns out, it’s pretty simple. In 1984 a man named Gerry Durnell started National Pizza month because of his magazine called Pizza today. We wish we could go shake your hand, Gerry. You’re a true hero.

Now as you all know, we LOVE pizza here at Monkey Joe’s, too! That’s why we give you the chance to add pizza to any of our birthday party packages. Birthday parties just aren’t the same without pizza!

We hope you and your family have time to celebrate National Pizza Month as October comes to a close. If you need a place for your little ones to come burn off all those extra pizza calories. We know of a place where kids and bounce, jump, and play all those calories off!