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National Little League Month

Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Maybe the only thing you think about when you hear Little League is grass stains and new ways to try and get the clay out of those white pants. But maybe you think of the lessons your little players are learning out on the field with their team! There is no doubt sports teaches skills your children will learn for a lifetime, but the team should extend beyond just the field!


Teamwork comes down to trusting each other, and that can be built in many different ways. One of our favorite ways to build trust is through a Little League team party here at Monkey Joe’s in Houston!

If you’re a coach or a parent of a player, think about suggesting a team party for the players! At the party, which our team will plan, set up, and clean, you can relax while essential team bonding takes place. The team can bond over wall-to-wall inflatable obstacle courses, slides, and bounce houses! Their party will also include:

  • 45 minutes in private party room

  • Invitations for your guests

  • We do all the setup and cleanup!

  • Drink for each child

  • Dedicated Party Pro

  • Paper plates, cups, tablecloth, utensils

When teammates interact outside of practice or games, their bonds grow even stronger and they want to play their best for each other out on the field! Contact our party planning pros today if your team needs a little boost to their step to keep playing their best out on the field. We’re here to help!