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Monkey Joe’s Westheimer is Your Place for Group Events!

Posted on Feb 20, 2017

You love to help out, but it's difficult to manage work and/or your home life while organizing all the details for a group outing or fundraiser. It's helpful to check out PTA.org for strategy ideas when planning outings or fundraisers for kids. Or save yourself a major headache: Monkey Joe's Westheimer is your perfect place for fundraisers and special events! Whether you're looking to book events for your child's school, homeschool, sports team, religious organization, charity organization, or daycare, our facility will provide hours of bouncing, sliding, and jumping fun to help you reach your fundraising goals. And, your dedicated party planner at Monkey Joe's will take care of a lot of the details!

Forget Selling!

It's always a party at Monkey Joe's!Forget about making kids sell candy or cookies as part of your organization's fundraiser! They just need to invite people to an event night at Monkey Joe's. A certain percentage of all the proceeds that evening will go to your organization. Yes, fundraising can be that simple!

Keep Kids Busy!

When you're planning fundraisers for kids, you know it's important to keep them busy throughout the entire event. Monkey Joe's facility will keep them swinging around happily for hours! Plus, they'll get in all of the daily active play they need to keep them happy and healthy. (Psst, your booked group also gets a percentage off discount on admission fees. Kids can earn incentives like free admission into Monkey Joe's, plus Monkey Joe's takes care of event set-up and clean-up, too!)

Free Marketing!

Did you know that Monkey Joe's Westheimer will supply you with a poster and event flyers for your group outing or fundraiser? You'll also receive reminder stickers for people to wear the day of the event.

Contact Us!

Give us a call (281) 920-9047 today so we can start planning!