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How To Get Your Little Ones Involved In Spring Cleaning!

Posted on Mar 24, 2016

Child cleaningIf you do not already know from the warmer weather and seemingly longer days, spring has sprung in East Texas, which means many things. It means you can start to clean out your pool in preparation for the warmer months ahead, and it also means now is the perfect time to get a little spring cleaning done around your home.  Now the only question is, “How can you motivate your children who are six and nine, to help you with this spring cleaning endeavor?” Monkey Joe’s Westheimer has some suggestions!

Make it a game- Children love games, especially ones where they can pretend. Encourage your kids to play a game of make believe that they are running a cleaning service and cleaning a client’s house! Get them a costume complete with rubber gloves, and perhaps even an apron. You are the paying customer!

Set a time limit- Put on a fun song that your kids love, and set a goal to be complete at the end of the song. After the song is over, take a little break before starting up again. The frequent breaks and music will help the time go much faster!

Incentivise them- There is a reason so many corporations use bonuses and promotions as a way to get their employees to work harder-it works! Set a reasonable and realistic goal for the day and upon completion, let your kids have fun at Monkey Joe’s in Westheimer! Your children will feel like all that hard work really paid off when they are jumping and having fun in our giant Houston Texas bounce house! Check out our hours of operation, and reward your kids for a job well done!