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3 Ways Active Play Boosts Brain Development

Posted on Mar 13, 2017

Exercise Makes Kids Happier

It’s not hard to see that an afternoon of playtime is great for your kids. After a day of play at Monkey Joe’s, they’ll eat more, sleep better, and fidget less. That’s because exercise is good for kids bodies! Did you know it’s also good for their brains?

3 Ways Active Play Boosts Brain Development

  1. Think fast. Researchers have studied the correlation between exercise and school performance for years. What have they found? Kids who exercise regularly focus better in school, have better long-term memory, and usually master new lessons faster than kids who are inactive.
  2. Feel better. Do you ever wonder why kids are happier after a playtime at Monkey Joe’s? It’s not just because they’re hanging out with their friends. It’s in the brain! Physical activity releases chemicals in the brain that reduces stress and increases feel-good vibes. It also increases blood flow to the brain. Is your child stressed, sad, or mad? Bouncing off the walls is just what the doctor ordered!
  3. Boost confidence. Do your kids seem more confident after a day of play? They probably are! Playtime helps them forget about their troubles for a while. That includes worries about school or fears about fitting in. Kids who exercise regularly are more likely to show confidence in school, when making friends, and in learning to make their own decisions.

Get those brains working! Monkey Joe’s in Westheimer is the place to go for after school playtime, weekend fun, and active play whenever you need it.