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3 Creative Outlets for Your Kids

Posted on Sep 28, 2016

Encouraging creativity in kids is one of the most important and fun things a parent can do. We all remember the days of playing outdoors, climbing trees, creating games with sticks and rocks, but nowadays kids seem to get a lot of their creativity put right in front of them through TV and movies. Here at Monkey Joe’s on Westheimer Rd in Houston, there are many ways to keep your kids creative!

Keeping Kids Creative at Monkey Joe's

Planning Parties

Planning a party can seem like a hassle, but at Monkey Joe’s we take care of the hard part. All you and your birthday child have to do is the fun stuff! You can have your child make the invitations on our website, pick out the cake (but remember, no ice cream cakes), and even pick a theme!

Taking Photos

While your kids are playing our dedicated staff will be there to watch your kids, but it’s also encouraged for you to be right there with them. This is a great time to take a few pictures and encourage them to come up with different poses! Have them make up different scenarios and snap away! Then always feel free to share them when you check in on our Facebook Page!

Creating Games

Safety always comes first at Monkey Joe’s, but that doesn’t mean your child can’t get creative on our inflatables! They can pretend they’re an astronaut walking on the moon or a spy running through on obstacle course to get to safety!

No matter what you and your children do to encourage creativity, we hope you have a great week here in Houston. We’ll see you next time!