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2016 Is The Year Of The Monkey!

Posted on Feb 12, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year! Monday February 8th marked the first day of the Chinese new year, which just happens to be the year of the monkey! This is very special to us here at Monkey Joe’s Westheimer because of our very special monkey! He may not be Chinese, but any year dedicated to monkeys is a year he is excited about. He wants you to learn three things about this awesome year! Year of the monkey

It’s all about family: The Chinese people do not ring in the new year with raucous parties and drunken tomfoolery like many do in America. The Chinese new year is met with tradition and emphasis on family. Monkey Joe loves the idea of spending more time with your family, and encourages all families to visit our location!

We’re seeing the world through rose-colored glasses: Red represents ‘good luck’ in Chinese culture, and many people will be wearing red through March to bring them luck in the new year. Monkey Joe does not care what color you choose to dress in as long as he gets to see you and your child’s smiling face!

People born in this year are special: It is said that people born in the year of the monkey are intelligent, witty, curious and playful, which are the same attributes of our favorite monkey! He is especially playful, and enjoys watching children bounce and play in his bounce house!

Monkey Joe does not just want to see you in the year of the monkey, but any year! Plan a visit to our bounce house in Westheimer any time!