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The Perfect Christmas Gift: A Thoughtful & Fun Experience!

Posted on Nov 03, 2017


In the blink of an eye, the holidays will be here. It’s time to rethink the way we do gifts. Instead of stressing about the perfect Christmas gift to give your kiddos, give them an experience instead! At Monkey Joe’s Pointe Orlando, we believe the magic in the holidays is created through memories and family time.

Create magical moments with your kids by bringing them to Monkey Joe’s!

There are a variety of experiences you can give to your kiddos as the perfect holiday gift, such as tickets to the Nutcracker, a hot air balloon ride, a bundle of entries to Monkey Joe’s (thanks to the Frequent Jumper Card), a getaway weekend for the whole family, and many more.

Why is giving an experience as a gift so wonderful?

Extended Happiness & Joy

When you give a material item as a gift, your child is excited about it . . . for a while. But we, as humans, quickly adapt to the new things around us, and they quickly become the norm. Experiences have been proven to keep people happier, longer. When you reminisce with your family and friends, is it about a gift that they gave you? Or is it about an experience you had together?

Less Stress & More Contentment

When you shop for Christmas, are you constantly wondering if you bought the latest and greatest item? Say “no” to the stress that associates itself with keeping up with the Joneses, and give an experience instead. The anticipation for the event is part of the experience! After a shared experience, kids are more content because they have memories that will last a lifetime (and maybe, a wonderful tradition will be made in the process).  

Want to give your kids the perfect holiday gift? Gift them an experience! And, as always, make sure to bring them to Monkey Joe’s Pointe Orlando for a great time during the holiday season. Check out our special holiday hours.