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The Best Gift for Kids in 2016 Isn’t a Toy

Posted on Dec 09, 2016

Are you looking for the perfect kids gifts in Orlando? If so, forget the toy section. Instead of adding one more toy that will only be forgotten, broken, or lost in a month, give a gift that keeps on giving. Instead of more material goods, give the special child in your life an experience they will never forget – a gift card to Monkey Joe's Pointe Orlando.

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Experiences Make People Happier

Recent research suggests that both adults and kids find greater joy and happiness through experiences rather than material goods. Sure, a new toy is fun at first, but after just a few short weeks, it is tossed aside and forgotten. These objects only offer short-term happiness and they almost never leave a lasting impression.

Experiences, on the other hand, provide memories that can last forever. This new research shows that this is where people find true happiness. These experiences become part of their stories that they will retell over and over again, which, in turn, will bring joy and happiness to them again and again.

Make Some Memories at Monkey Joe's

Monkey Joe's Pointe Orlando is a great place to play, laugh, and make lots of memories. We have wall-to-wall inflatables where kids can jump, bounce, and slide to their little hearts' content. Families can also enjoy playing a variety of arcade games, as well as food, drink, and snacks at the concession stand.

Monkey Joe's gift cards are available now. Save even more money by purchasing a Monkey Joe's Frequent Jumper Card, which entitles you to 10 admissions at a greatly reduced rate. In addition, you can receive a free gift when you purchase your card now, while supplies last.

Give the kids gifts in Orlando that provides joy and happiness with a Monkey Joe's gift card

Photo by pexels via Pixabay