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The Benefits of Bouncing (And Other Active Play)

Posted on Jul 10, 2015

Kids love coming to Monkey Joe's because our indoor playground is, quite simply, a blast. However, unlike other attractions in Orlando designed to appeal to kids, our indoor play center provides not only entertainment, but also exercise! With inflatables from wall to wall, kids are able to run, jump, bounce, crawl, slide, climb, and cavort to their hearts' content, having fun with friends, making new ones, burning off a bit of their plentiful energy, and strengthening their bodies. 

Experts tend to agree that kids these days don't get enough exercise, due to a combination of factors like too much screen time (watching TV, using tablets or cell phones, playing video games) and a lack of both recess time and physical education in school. That lack of movement really is unfortunate, because physical activity is proven to have many benefits for people of all ages, but especially for kids. Read on to learn some of the benefits of active play, and bring your child in today to bounce and jump for hours at our Orlando indoor playground!

  • Free play and adult-guided play both help kids build social skills. Researchers have found that playing with others helps kids learn empathy, an awareness of other people's feelings. It also helps kids learn to regulate their own feelings. 
  • Long-term studies have shown that kids who grow up being physically active carry those habits into adulthood with them. As physically active adults, they will have a lower risk of many health issues, like heart disease, than their sedentary peers.
  • According to a 2009 study in the Journal of School Health, the more physical activity tests children could pass, the better they performed on academic tests. There is a growing body of research backing up the idea that physical activity benefits cognition and learning- which means schools should be incorporating more physical activity into curricula, rather than eliminating P.E. and recess. 

The more exercise your kids get, the better, so when you're looking for a fun activity for kids in Orlando, choose something active like our indoor play facility!

Photo by photostock via freedigitalphotos.net