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Summer Birthday Tips for Kids’ Parties

Posted on May 31, 2016

Summer birthdays can be a lot of fun for kids, but they take a bit of planning to make sure they go smoothly. When you have a summer birthday party coming up, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind. 

Orlando bounce house parties

Stay Indoors

Planning Orlando birthday parties during summer can be challenging. While outdoor parties are fun for kids, it’s normally too hot to let everyone run around in the sun for hours. Choose a place that offers indoor activities, such as our indoor inflatable playground at Monkey Joe’s. Kids can have a great time running around without being exposed to harsh sun and heat. Having an indoor party also means you don’t have to make sure everyone has sunscreen on. And those pesky afternoon thunderstorms? Don't worry about them! Everyone can play safe and dry inside. 

Send Invitations Early

Since many people go away on vacation during summer, make sure you send invitations out well ahead of time. Keep in mind that kids might also be busy with summer camps and other activities, so give them plenty of notice about your child’s upcoming birthday party. Send out your invitations as soon as you choose the date for your child’s party. 

Plan for No-Shows

No matter how carefully you plan Orlando birthday parties, no-shows are likely to happen. Consider inviting more kids to your child’s party in case a couple of their friends don’t show up. This helps ensure that your child still has plenty of friends to play with at their party, even with no-shows. 

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