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Successful Schools Mean Happy Monkeys!

Posted on Sep 22, 2017


Here at Monkey Joe’s Pointe Orlando, we care about the success of all our little monkeys.That means we’re concerned with the success of their schools, too! Now that we’ve all survived the back-to-school transition, here are some of the ways schools can use Monkey Joe’s this year.

  • Meetings. Your PTO/PTA meetings will never be easier than they will in the Monkey Joe’s meeting room. Let us handle the setup, cleanup, food, and drinks so you can focus on the issues at hand! Kids can play in the Jungle, with a few volunteers to keep an eye on them, so no one has to worry about getting a babysitter.
  • Field Trips. A Monkey Joe’s field trip is a great chance to talk about the science of bouncing or supplement physical education classes with active demonstrations. Not only will kids learn, they’ll work off all their extra energy before the bus ride home!
  • Class Parties. When an honor roll night, a reading reward event, or a class holiday party, getting out of the school building for a special event is a treat. Give out Frequent Jumper Cards to your top readers to encourage performance and exercise!
  • Fundraisers. A fundraiser is never easier or more fun than it is as Monkey Joe’s. There are no boxes to carry or bake sales to organize. You book a date and tell your friends and supporters, and we do the rest!

There’s so much more that Monkey Joe’s Pointe Orlando can do for your school organization. Let’s work together to support our little monkeys in school this year!