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Stay Cool and Play Hard in Orlando

Posted on Jun 30, 2016

Summer in Orlando is hot, hot, hot! Unfortunately, those high temperatures and sunny days can lead to sunburn and heat sickness, so it's important to find indoor things to do on really hot days. Today we're sharing some tips to keep your kids safe and healthy this summer. 

summer kids activities in Orlando

Why are kids more vulnerable to heat sickness?

Many parents are unaware that their kids are more vulnerable to the heat than adults. Children's bodies are less effective at managing their core temperature and dealing with temperature changes, largely due to their immature sweat glands. This makes it extremely easy for kids to overheat and get dehydrated. 

What you can do to protect your kids

Fortunately once you know about the risk of heat sickness, you can protect your kids with these simple tips. 

  • Keep them hydrated. Make sure your kids are drinking plenty of water. You can make it more interesting by adding their favorite fruit to make infused water. 
  • Avoid playing outside during the hottest part of the day. Structure your kids' schedule so that they are inside during the hottest midday hours. Try to play outside in the morning or late afternoon/evening instead of the middle of the day. You can also do indoor activities, like visiting an indoor pool, having a living room dance party, or coming to Monkey Joe's to monkey around in our indoor playground
  • Know the symptoms of dehydration. Check out this infographic to learn more about heat safety for kids and how to identify signs of dehydration and overheating before your child is in distress. Knowing what to look for can help you intervene early and prevent more serious conditions like heat exhaustion and heat stroke. 

Photo by Sameules via Pixabay