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Play More, Work Harder

Posted on Apr 11, 2017

Play Now, Work Better Later

It’s that time of year again. Summer vacation is finally in sight, and your kids are starting to slack on homework and projects. Their little bodies are buzzing with energy, and it’s getting harder and harder to focus in school. What’s the solution? Ditch homework and play!

Active Play Is Good for the Brain

Okay, parents, before you freak out, we’re not suggesting that you give your kids a pass on doing their homework. Exercising their brains is important. So is learning responsibility and meeting deadlines. But studies show that taking a break can benefit kids’ performance in school. Did you know...?

  • Exercise makes blood flow faster to the brain. This makes kids more alert and more focused in school. Studies show that regular physical activity can increase memory and learning by 30%.
  • Exercise helps grow new brain cells. Yes, really! It improves brain function and boosts short-term memory by building new brain cells in the area of the brain connected to memory. This improves not only memory skills, but also creativity and reaction time.
  • How can exercise make kids more creative? It improves cognitive flexibility (not to mention muscle flexibility!) so they can think and play in more creative ways.
  • What can kids learn jumping around at Monkey Joe’s? Activities like jumping and balancing create spatial awareness, helping kids lay the foundation for other important academic and life skills.
  • According to the pros, regular exercise helps reduce stress, making kids happier and more balanced mentally.

Ready to play? The homework will still be there when you get home. Take a break at Monkey Joe’s Pointe Orlando.