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Plan A Winter Playdate At Monkey Joe’s Pointe Orlando

Posted on Jan 24, 2017

Winter fun in the jungle!

In order to make the most out of your winter playdate, you must plan properly. Play dates are a great way for both parents and children to get in some much needed social time. At Monkey Joe’s Pointe Orlando, we understand the importance of taking time off to unwind. We offer the best facilities for both parents and kids who visit our play center for winter playdates.

Set rules

It is important to let kids know what they can and cannot do. Be clear and concise when setting boundaries for kids, whether you're at home, visiting a friend, or having fun at Monkey Joe's.

Check on kids often

Regardless of the age of your kids, you'll need to check on them often just to ensure that they are not up to anything cheeky. Kids should be supervised closely throughout their playdate to ensure everyone has a great, safe time.

End on a high note

It is common for kids to argue and fight as they play with each other. However, by ending the playdate on a happy note, you'll ensure that they remember it as a positive experience.

Choose a park

Monkey Joe’s Pointe Orlando has an indoor play area that is safe for kids during winter. You will also not have to clean up after the kids are done playing. This makes it hassle-free to keep your kids healthy and happy.

With sufficient active play time, you can keep your kids happy and healthy by planning a winter playdate. At Monkey Joe’s Pointe Orlando, we welcome walk-in guests, giving you greater convenience when planning a playdate.