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New Year’s Resolution: Unplug!

Posted on Jan 15, 2016

kids and TV timeWith the new year off to a fresh start, a great New Year's resolution for your family is spending a little bit more time away from the computer or device screens, and a little more time being active and having fun as a family.

While the television and Internet are a major part of our lives these days, overuse can have negative effects on your kids, preventing them from exercising and interacting with the people around them. This can lead to health issues, including obesity, attention issues, sleep disorders, and more. Cutting back on media time can be healthy, and also bring new opportunities for activity.

Once you've unplugged, it's time to fill up that space with fun, family activities. If you're looking for something that lets your kids have a blast while getting moving, our Orlando indoor playground is the perfect outing. Packed wall to wall with inflatables, Monkey Joe's lets them bounce and play to their hearts' content. The climbing, sliding and running around is a great form of exercise, helping your child to build up their strength and endurance. The one-on-one time with your kids also is a chance to connect and share the day together.

So surprise your kiddos and bring them on down for a walk-in play session. You can also easily make a much-anticipated visit to Monkey Joe's a regular, healthy treat. Our brand-new annual passes are available at fantastic prices right now- $20 off an already great deal! What a great way to reward your kids for cooperating with new screen time rules. Pick one up for just weekdays or have unlimited fun at our Orlando indoor playground with an anytime pass.

Come visit us today to find out more, pick up your passes or just stop by for a bounce!

Photo by mojzagrebinfo via Pixabay