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New Year, New Resolutions

Posted on Dec 27, 2016

The New Year is an easy time for kids to pull away from the family. During the holiday break, it's so easy for them to retreat to couch potato mode, bury their heads in their favorite devices, or feel unmotivated by cooler temperatures. So, it's a great time to discuss making New Year's resolutions with your kids!

Make Time for Fun

New Years resolutionsMonkey Joe's Pointe Orlando is the place for family fun. If you need a regular hangout for active play in Orlando, our jungle is ready and waiting for you! In fact, make it a point to visit weekly or monthly for a genuine family fun night. Our playground and party center is indoors, so the weather can't get you down! Plus, your kids can go wild, burn off excess energy, and you can all relax together afterwards. Make memories your kids with cherish for a lifetime!

Make Time for Fitness

Your kids are sitting during the commute to school and at a desk most of the day. Later, they're sitting doing homework. Get them moving! Incorporate more physical activity into your whole family's routine. It's easy! For example, instead of watching a movie together, head to Monkey Joe's to jump/slide the day away.

Set Goals

Your child's greatest New Year's resolution may be to begin setting goals. How can you help your child make those goals happen? Have them write their goals on paper. Keep them specific. Perhaps you can make a chart together and/or offer an incentive at certain intervals (i.e. weekly) of goal-keeping success.

Remind your kids of their goals throughout the week. Fortunately, you won't have to 'nag' them about keeping goals in regards to enjoying more active play in Orlando; more family and fitness time at Monkey Joe's will definitely keep your kids motivated!